Clear Bubble Wrap Bags 3.5″ x 4″ Self-Sealing Bubble Wrap Pouches [10 Pack]


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Weight 7.20 lbs
Dimensions 4.70 × 4.10 × 2.10 in









3.5" x 4"

Unit Count



  • Clear Bubble Wrap Bags 3.5″ x 4″

    Pack of 10 bubble-out bags are not designed to be used as outer packaging. They serve as added protection for your products and then get inserted into the outer packaging (mailer, box, etc.). Slides easily into the pouch. Perfect product fit. Small size.Tamper-evident. Super secure closure. Recyclable.


    Our bubble wrap pouches are made in the USA using a 3/16″ bubble height. This product line has bubble on the outside with a smooth non-abrasive, non-corrosive interior. Clean and flexible, air cushioning materials offer a smart alternative to loose fill. These protective wrap cushioning bags have good clarity so contents can be easily identified. Bubble withstands pressure and abuse. Tensile strength offers flexibility and superior protection for your valuables from damage during shipping.


    Make packaging simple with these self-sealing bubble wrap bags. Made completely of plastic bubble material they are the perfect for inner packaging method. Up to three times faster than hand wrapping. Save your time by eliminating the hassle of cutting and taping bubble lining around your items. Simply insert your product into a bubble out bag and seal the adhesive closed.


    Our bubble wrap pouches are lightweight, durable packaging product that offers reliable cushioning protection and lowers your shipping cost. In addition to its lightweight cost benefit, packers can choose from a wide range of sizes to find the most cost-efficient size for postal rates.


    Our Cushioning bubble bags provide large selection to suit many applications. Perfect for protection and containment of small or loose items and versatile enough to satisfy industrial or consumer needs. These self-seal bubble wrap bags are used for shipping, storing computer parts, ornaments, trinkets many other applications. While primarily intended for shipping fragile items, bubble bags are also excellent for protecting household materials.

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