10 Pack Neurological Reflex Hammers 7.5″ /w Built-In Brush


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  • NEUROLOGICAL HAMMER is multifunctional hammer designed to perform all reflex tests with less effort and greater patient comfort by combining the functions and features of an integrated Babinski-tip, dual-mallet Buck percussor, and built-in brush into one reflex hammer. The ergonomic light HDP handle provides the user with greater control during percussion.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This neurological hammer is designed to elicit myotatic reflexes and neurological responses. Features include a removable neurological pin and brush as well as Dual PVC bumpers for reflex tests. 7 1/2″ handle length. Chrome plated handle conceals screw-in brush. Needle is included in the head. The Buck Hammer features dual rubber heads for reflex testing.
  • DUAL HEAD: Our hammer features two heads, one end is small, and one end is large for precise tendon percussion. The balance-weighted head is outfitted with large and small mallets constructed of TPR for precise percussions.
  • HANDLE WITH BRUSH: Comes with a chrome plated handle that features a removable brush in the base, to elicit cutaneous reflexes. The top includes a removable neurological pin. The ergonomic lightweight HDP handle is precisely balanced for increased control of percussion force for eliciting myotatic reflexes. The built-in brush at the base of the handle can be easily removed to elicit cutaneous reflexes.
  • APPLICATION: Medical Instruments Buck Reflex Hammer is used for testing reflexes and measuring nerve sensitivity. These Percussion Hammers are great tools for sensory analysis and are perfect for clinic or hospital settings. Measures nerve response. Accurately and effectively elicits muscle stretch reflexes, superficial or cutaneous reflexes, as well as plantar and abdominal reflexes, with less effort and greater patient comfort.

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