10 Pump Bottles No-Rinse Cream Hypoallergenic Body Wash 16.9 oz /w Mild Scent


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AMZ Medical Supply

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16.9 oz


  • Pack of 10 Hypoallergenic Body Wash PUMP BOTTLE

    Cleansing Cream restores and protects even the most delicate skin. Ideal for incontinence care when frequent cleansing is required. It is a mild emulsion designed to cleanse, restore and protect the skin. The three-in-one wash cream cleans, moisturizes and protects in one easy step without disrupting the skins natural protective mantle. Come in convenient Pump Bottles for ease of use. Volume of each bottle: 16.9 oz. Quantity per case: 10 bottles.


    Primarily used for frequent perineal skin care of incontinent individuals when changing absorbent products. Also used for full body cleansing when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin, unlike soap and water there is no need to rinse off. Helps to leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and free from odors.


    Pump Bottle has a gentle, easy-to-use, no-rinse formula that is safe for cleansing the delicate perineum. Used regularly as directed, it helps to soothe and prevent skin irritation for more comfort. With a pH of 5.5, this hypoallergenic body wash does not disrupt the skin’s natural protective mantle and leaves a small lipid film on the skin surface for added protection. The mild, fresh scent and effective cleansing properties help to control odor.


    Refreshing, fragrance and alcohol-free skin cleansers come in 16.9 oz bottles ideally sized for everyday use and easy handling. Gently cleanses and hydrates hair from root to tip. Mild Scent Cream is neonate to geriatric suitable.


    Our hypoallergenic body wash is ideal for cleansing and hydrating even the most delicate and fragile skin, no rinsing required. 3-in-1 formula promotes skin health by gently cleansing, moisturizing and soothing vulnerable skin – specialized care for elderly residents.

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