100 Pack Blue Polypropylene Disposable Shoe Covers X-Large 40g Heavy-Duty


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Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 3.00 × 2.00 in

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Unit Count







PP (Polypropylene)


  • PREMIUM QUALITY Disposable Shoe Covers

    Pack of 100 Disposable blue 40g PP shoe covers are the most and effective option to keep your shoes dry and protected. Blue covers are suitable for all kinds of shoes. XL size. Made from thick, long-lasting polypropylene fabric with an anti-slip, coating on the sole our boot covers resist tearing and rupturing. Elastic ankle band provides snug and comfortable fit around shoes. Easy-on and easy-off, breathable and lightweight.


    Non-toxic, latex -free, thicker than normal this protective gear is ideal for securing your facility and meeting set standards. The boot cover material is thickened and toughened, so it’s hard to tear or rip easily. Poly disposable shoe covers prevents the penetration of water to some degree. The shoe covering helps prevent unwanted dust, dirt, and grime from being tracked into sensitive work areas.


    Remover from title bullet desc non-slip, non toxic. hospital. healthcare. science laboratories. Sterile. Latex free.


    These boot covers are intended for one-time use. Eco-Friendly. Polypropylene material is the least resource-consuming and lowest carbon-producing emitter compared to other plastics. 100% Recyclable.


    Disposable shoe covers are perfect for multiple purposes. Scope of its application: apply to food, health care, cleaning, science laboratories and so on. There are hundreds of creative uses for this investment, such as painting, food processing , home showings, construction work, facilitating plumbers, electricians, car mechanics, gardening, agricultural protection, travel luggage, production studios etc. Protective booties are ideal to keep your floors, cars and carpets unsoiled.

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