100 Pack Enzymatic Sponge Cleaners for Flexible & Rigid Scopes. Pre-Saturated in bacteriostatic enzymatic Cleaner


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  • Case of 100 Enzymatic Sponge Cleaners

    Endozime Sponges are uniquely contoured to fit around the outside sheath of scopes and are pre-saturated with bacteriostatic enzymatic cleaner, Endozime, and begins cleaning on contact. Removing gross contaminants immediately after use prevents bio-burden from drying onto surface and reduces cleaning time. The pre-saturated sponges have been treated with a preservative to inhibit and protect the product from mold and fungus.


    Neutral pH (non-abrasive), free rinsing and 100% biodegradable. Does not harm delicate endoscopic equipment. Increases effectiveness of manual scope cleaning – because speed and simplicity of use allows you to remove gross contaminants while scopes are still wet. Eliminates biological odours on contact. The sponge cleaners are preserved against the growth of bacteria. Does not adversely affect delicate endoscopic parts, such as lenses, lighting fixtures or air/water nozzles.


    Safely and effectively removes organic surface matter. Uniquely designed to thoroughly clean all surface areas of rigid or flexible endoscopes including cysto-urethroscopes, laparoscopes, proctoscopes, etc. Hospital-proven enzymatic detergent action – safely and effectively removes organic and proteinaceous materials, significantly reducing micro-organisms.


    Remove sponge from packaging. Place around tubular shaft of scope and run sponge the length of scope. Discard after each use. Specifically contoured to fit endoscopes and other tubular instruments. Each Cleaning Sponge is individually wrapped for for one-time use to help decrease cross contamination.

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