12 Pack Skin Prep Spray No Sting Disiloxane / Hexamethyl Pump Bottle Non-Sterile


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AMZ Medical Supply

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1 oz


  • Case of 12 SKIN PREP SPRAY

    Liquid film forming skin protectant that helps protect intact or damaged skin from irritation caused by incontinence and trauma caused by attachment or removal of appliances and pressure treatments. The spray applies easily on awkward areas such as elbows, knees and heels.


    The spray formula is sterile and can be used post-surgery to start the recovery process quickly. The formula is free of fragrances, which is great if you have allergies such as eczema and can help preserve your sensitivities and stop odors from forming under the gauze. Up to 96 hours of barrier protection is sufficient time to protect the skin and keep dressing in place before changing.


    Skin prep spray 1 oz bottle is one of the options that offer a protective non-stinging benefit used for prepping the skin area for new a new gauze or secondary dressing in covering wounds or abrasions — wounds that can cause pain if alcohol was presented to the area. Waterproof, breathable and visible barrier. Pediatrician tested.


    The spray is one used by many nurses and caretakers for the changing and replacing of old wound dressings. When a new dressing is to be used, spraying the solution onto the wound will help clean it and create a forming barrier to protect against bacteria and infections — reducing the risk of a prolonged recovery. Our Skin Protective Spray is a great cost effective option that can be used on a daily basis.


    The No Sting Skin Spray protects the skin when it comes time to remove the adhesive. The spray, once originally applied, will allow for easy removal of the adhesive dressing without pulling on the skin. While the dressing is applied to the wound and surrounding skin, the adhering formula of the skin prep spray will keep a secured seal. The dressing may also assist in increasing the interval between dressing changes. Protects Skin from Tape Stripping Friction.

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