18 Pack Autoclave Tape 1″ x 60 Yard Steam Sterilization Tape


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AMZ Medical Supply

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1" x 60 yds


  • Autoclave Tape

    As an exposure monitor indicator tapes securely seal packs and enables personnel to know at a glance that the packs have been exposed to the sterilization process. Each roll of tape is individually packaged to ensure quality at time of use.


    The tape uses a latex-free stretchable backing to maintain the seal of the pack as steam is introduced during the sterilization cycle. It also adheres to a variety of wrap materials, including cotton, poly blends, paper, and plastic.


    This adhesive tape is used to seal autoclave bags and pouches and changes color when the contents have passed through a sterilization cycle. For use in securing wrapped surgical trays before, during and after sterilization. For use as a process indicator to show that a pack has been exposed to the steam sterilization process.


    Autoclave tape sterilization seals tubing, autoclave bags and CSR wraps during steam sterilization and indicates specific temperature has been achieved during the sterilization cycle when color changes. Can be written on or labeled with pre-printed labels.

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