20 Pack Cleaning Stone for Grease Stains, Stoves, Cast Iron Cooktops, Metal Grills, Stainless Steel Flat Tops


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Dimensions 13.98 × 9.17 × 2.87 in
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    Cleaning Stone Designed in such a way that it is extremely convenient to clean cast iron tops, stainless steel flat cooktops, grill pans, skillets, griddles, and grills grates. Use safely on hot griddles without lifting griddle cure. Film wraps acts as the holder. Made for food service use.


    Griddle cleaning brick resist degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents, and normal cleaning liquids. Abrasive property helps to remove tough, baked-on food without damaging the underlying metal. Effective cleaning, high density and sturdy, fine grit clean effect without scratch in minimum time


    Griddle cleaning stone make it easy to clean grease and food particles that’s left behind on your grill top. Only light pressure is needed to easily remove grease, residue, and caked-on carbon without damaging anti-stick surface. Although they remove residue, grill bricks don’t absorb odor or grease, making them easy to clean.


    Grill cleaner blocks are a great solution for quick and effective cleaning of cooled down, flat griddles, backyard grill, outdoor stove cooker, cast iron tops, grill pans, grills grates. Perfect for commercial or residential kitchen, home, bars, and restaurants. Not just for grills and griddles! Use it on your oven, kitchen utensils. Do not use on polished or easily scratched surfaces.

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