20 Pack Ear Thermometers /w Soft Memory Cell Foam, Push Tube, 36 Gauge Thin Lead Wire


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Weight 10.00 lbs

AMZ Medical Supply

Unit Count



36 Gauge


One Size


  • Ear Thermometers

    Thin 36-gauge lead wire provides accurate temperature readings by reducing the potential for ambient air to affect temperature monitoring. Designed for patients to experience maximum comfort. Ear sensors come in case of 20 probes.


    Soft memory cell foam conforms to ear canal, minimizing risk of injury to the tympanic membrane; acts as a barrier to seal out ambient air. Push tube provides aid during insertion and acts as a strain relief on the wire. Available in pediatric and adult sizes.


    Medical ear thermometers provide clinicians with a non-invasive way to monitor a patient’s core body temperature from the tympanic membrane through ear canal placement. Convenient, less-invasive alternative to esophageal or rectal probes.


    Use a clean probe tip each time, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Gently tug on the ear, pulling it back. This will help straighten the ear canal, and make a clear path inside the ear to the ear drum. Gently insert the thermometer until the ear canal is fully sealed off. Remove the thermometer and read the temperature. After patient temperature is obtained, the probe cover is removed from the thermometer and can go directly into a waste basket.

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