2000 Pack Blue/Orange Sterile Pressure Activated Safety Lancet Needle /w 26 Needle Gauge, 1.8 mm Fixed Depth


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Unit Count



1.8 mm




  • Case of 2000 Pressure Activated Safety Lancet Needle

    A blood lancet, or simply lancet, is a small medical implement used for capillary blood sampling. Produces low blood flow; ideal for blood glucose and cholesterol tests, coagulation tests, and blood gas tests. Lancet is ready to use; no loading needed. Sterile, tri-beveled needle for added protection. Pressure-activated safety feature helps prevent needlestick injuries. Packaged: 100 Per Box, 20BX/CS, 2000 in total per case.


    Electro-polished, silicone-coated needle with high puncture speed minimizes pain and facilitates healing for gentle Fingertiptip sampling. Easy-to-handle, retractable design features an intuitive, 2-step operation with low firing force and no lancet loading required. Innovative design provides better way to quickly and comfortably obtain blood samples.


    Advanced design of the lancet needle helps mask the pain stimulus, resulting in greater comfort for the user while providing an accurate blood sample. Delivers accurate, painless blood sampling at the touch of a button for efficiency and convenience. Reliablility provided by optimized needle exposure of 1.8 mm fixed depth to guarantee adequate blood flow. Features gamma-sterilized 26-gauge needles, fully covered and protected with a sterility tab.


    Pressure-activated safety lancets feature a one-step safety mechanism. Simply hold the lancet against the patient’s fingertip and press down gently. The sterile needle will quickly penetrate skin to draw blood, then immediately. Retract back inside the safety mechanism. This helps ensure the entire needle is concealed before and after use.


    The durable lancet needle is clinically approved and safe. Disposable design for convenient single use. The needle is safely concealed before and after use which protects you and others.

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