50 Pack Blue Disposable Tissue/Poly Stretcher Sheets 40″ x 72″


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AMZ Medical Supply

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40" x 72"




  • BLUE TISSUE/POLY Stretcher Sheets

    The soft tissue layer with poly backing maintains hygiene and offers comfort, privacy, and complete coverage while also protecting from blood, wound exudate, and other dirt and fluids.


    These flat sheets measure out at 40 inches by 72 inches for full coverage and are made of a soft, breathable blue tissue on the inside with fluid protected poly backing. sheets are single-use disposable sheets that are discarded after each patient visit to help in preventing cross-infection.


    Stretcher sheets are made with a latex-free material to allow the sheet to be used by many and most all patients and staff members without risking an allergic reaction if they were to so happen have allergies to latex-based products.


    Perfect for medical professionals maintaining patient hygiene and tattoo artists keeping their furniture pristine. For use on stretchers, exam tables and other furniture. Guards against stains and spills.


    These massage stretcher sheets can save you time by not wasting time on laundry. They are also a portable size and ideal for massage therapists who need to travel a lot to their clients’ homes.

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