75 Pack Reusable Water Pillows Portable Tobacco Humidifier in Display Bowl for Cigars, Pipe, Tobacco Leaves


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  • Pack of 75 Water Pillows Tobacco Humidifier

    CIGAR, PIPE HUMIDIFICATION: Reclosable Water Pillows are safe – both non toxic and disposable. The small dry water pillows, portable humidifiers can be reused and will keep your cigars fresh.


    The Water Pillow uses a super absorbent polymer as the humidification element. Super absorbent polymers (SAP) can absorb more than 500 times their weight in water. Designed to last a minimum of 30 days, this water pillow tobacco humidifier is easy to use and great for travel!


    When soaked in water they swell up and then release this moisture into the internal environment of the humidor through a process of diffusion. The rate at which a polymer will deliver moisture within your humidor is based on the relative humidity inside: at lower RH, more water is diffused from the polymers into the humidor air, at higher RH’s, the delivery rate of moisture is lower.


    Just soak a dry water pillow tobacco humidifier hydration cell in distilled water for 15 to 20 seconds, after wetting the inner bag, you then place it into a secondary outer plastic bag with a zip lock-type closure and you’re good to go! Include in a sealed container with cigars or pipe tobacco for 30-45 days of effective humidification. When dry, repeat these steps again to reactivate. It’s that simple!

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