Flat Poly Mailers

Flat Poly Mailers, Wholesale Plastic Shipping Bags

These poly mailers answer the needs of today’s online retailers. Easier and cheaper to expedite than boxes.

High-quality shipping bags are rapidly becoming the mailer of choice for today’s online shoppers due to their tough outer layer, strong self-seal tabs, and professional look.

Flat poly mailers keep your shipment safe from damage and tampering until delivery. Shipping poly envelopes are completely opaque and protect the shipped item from prying and curious eyes.

Our flat poly mailers are tear and puncture resistant as well as tamper proof. Flat poly bags are a simple, easy way to protect any items that are important to you.

  • Opaque for content privacy.
  • Shipping labels easily adhere.
  • Eco-Friendly with 100% recycled content and are bio-degradable.
  • Self-seal closure that is pressure sensitive & tamper-evident.
Shop by Mailer Type
Returnable Poly Mailers

Returnable Poly Mailers

These mailers have two adhesive stripes to enable the easy return of unwanted items using the same mailer.

Flat Expandable Envelopes

Flat Expandable Envelopes

Expandable poly mailers with bottom gusset to accommodate bulky items.

What mailer’s right for your products?

Poly mailer envelopes are great for shipping softer items such as clothing, fabric, stuffed animals, and bedding, as well as smaller electronics, shoes, and even jewelry. But which size of flat poly envelopes is more suitable for your business? Let’s figure it out.

There are a few rough estimates to refer to when shipping items of clothing.

6″ x 9″

Socks and tiny jewelry boxes

7.5″ x 10.5″

Tea towel, 2–3 pairs of socks, and slightly larger jewelry boxes, and small electronics

9″ x 12″

Fabric patterns or one to two t-shirts

10″ x 13″

Four to five large t-shirts, 1 pair of pants or shorts, a set of napkins, a dress shirt, or one yard of fabric

14.5″ x 19″

12 to 14 medium t-shirts, 10 to 12 large t-shirts, two to three sweaters or dresses, two pairs of jeans, a set of sheets, or three yards of fabric

19″ x 24″

Set of sheets, 12 to 14 large t-shirts, two to three sweaters or dresses, or two pairs of jeans

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