Inflatable Portable Vinyl Hair Washing Tray for Bedside 21″ x 3″ /w 28″ Drain Tube


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21" x 3"

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1 pcs


  • INFLATABLE Hair Washing Tray 21″ x 3″

    Hair washing and hair rinsing trays are designed to facilitate and help ease the process of washing hair of customers while they are lying on their beds due to any form of physical or mental disability. Shampoo basin can easily wash long-term bed rest or inconvenient hair of relatives or patients.


    The side of the basin provides a comfortable neck support. The heat-sealed vinyl hair washing tray can be inflated by mouth or with air pump. Diameter of the basin measures 21in x 3in. Includes a 28” long drain tube for easy drainage into a pail. Folds for storage and travel. This circular basin fits into the space normaly ocupied by a pillow eliminating the need to reposition the body for shampooing.

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED hair washing tray

    Makes these daily living activities much easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. They are wonderfully efficacious hair washing solutions for anyone confined to a wheelchair or bed, or for individuals who cannot lean backwards into a sink. This basin provides the functionality of a mobile salon that is lightweight and very easy to use.


    Simplify the way to wash your hair in bed. The portable shampoo basin is convenient for washing long-term bed rest or inconvenient for the loved ones or patients’ hair. Applicable to: medical, children, the elderly, disabled people. Allows the care-provider to wash and rinse the hair of a bedridden patient.


    Before you use any product for health care, we advise that you consult your physician or primary healthcare provider and seek the appropriate advice and supervision prior to use.

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