Bubble Mailers: Their Types and How to Choose the One You Need

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Bubble Mailers: Their Types and How to Choose the One You Need

Bubble Mailers: Their Types and How to Choose the One You Need

Are you fed up with timeless troubles during shipping? Oh, this problem is common in ecommerce. You don’t know which bulk packing supplies to use to move your items, especially when they’re fragile and delicate. Or another situation: all packages you’ve tried were boring and unremarkable. But transportation has to run in a bright way, isn’t it?

So there are things that will change your shipping process. They’re bubble mailers.

Let’s look at their features and understand why they’re the best bet for your business. Then we’ll explore types of bubble packages that’ll be good for your needs.

Advantages of Bubble Mailers

So we’re impressed with the 6 advantages of bubble bags. Let’s impress together.

Your items are cushioned

Your items are cushioned

In the bubble wrap, items are protected from damage and breakage as they’re cushioned; bubble lining shields your products. Therefore, the biggest benefit of bubble mailers is product safety during transport.

Forget about lost nerves; forget about crumpled items. They’ll be delivered safe and sound thanks to the bubble package. They seem to be soft, but it’s only at first sight.

So when you’re thinking “Where to find wholesale shipping supplies near me and which one to choose”, distributors with bubble envelopes will win this game.

Wide range of colors and styles

Wide range of colors and styles

Color assorted and the sea of bubble mailers’ styles — that’s why people choose this type of packaging. You can use a color that will tell a story about your brand.

For example, purple bubble mailers will create the impression of a wise, brave, and royal brand. In contrast to the purple color, yellow can be used when fun is the main attribute of your business.

Exceptional durability is bubble mailers’ must-have

Exceptional durability is bubble mailers’ must-have

Tear resistance is the reason why bubble mailing supplies (wholesale) are popular worldwide. Custom bubble mailers have an opaque exterior; hence, nobody will know what you’re shipping in your bubble wrap.

Bubble packaging weather tough environments, so a high level of protection for your stuff is guaranteed.



Thanks to the sea of colors and sizes, you’ll customize poly bubble mailers and lift your business to the next level. Add a business logo, original stickers, or a short description. Add even your profile on Instagram or Facebook, or it can be your website.

Customers will get to know you better when exploring your blog or social media profiles, and the answer to which shipping supply company near me to choose will be clear for them.



Bubble mailers are peel-n-seal. This technology saves your time as the only thing you have to do is peel off the self-adhesive strip and then seal it.

Results? Increased productivity and fruitful workflow. Bubble mailers are an ideal option for busy people who have every minute on the account.



The word “protective” hides multiple adjectives we can use when describing bubble poly mailers: waterproof, leakproof, and tearproof.

Moreover, it’s necessary to add “secure” to this list as nobody can reopen and reseal the package invisibly. Does anybody want to open your mailer and then be responsible for it?

Choose a Mailer You Need: 5 Types

When people think about how to choose bubble mailers, they google this question and realize that there are different types of bubble pouches. If you’re stuck with picking up shipping materials (wholesale) too, we’re ready to help you to single out the type of bubble wrap that will fit your business needs and will provide the best packaging experience.

1. Go Green With Kraft Bubble Mailers

Want to go green? We have the thing which will help you make this useful investment. They’re kraft bubble mailers. The feature of them is that they’re recyclable. No wastes — only rational consumption.

Being eco-friendly isn’t the desire, it’s our responsibility. So we’re in charge of preferring the materials which have a low environmental impact and are recyclable. The good news is that kraft paper is a naturally biodegradable material, so kraft bubble mailers are a good choice if sustainable packaging is your top priority.

Moreover, kraft bubble mailers are the best bet when you’re concerned about security as kraft paper is much more resistant to piercing than other kinds of paper. This type of sustainable packaging saves its natural brown color, so kraft mailers are your opportunity to be original.

Kraft Bubble Mailers

2. Reduce Shipping Costs With Poly Bubble Mailers

Lightweight and easy-to-use, durable and tear-resistant these words can describe poly bubble mailers. They feel nice to the touch, and your customers will be intrigued when taking our self-sealing bubble mailers in their hands. In addition, one of the sweetest features of these bulk mailing supplies is that they’re designed for e-commerce. Your customers will recognize your brand when seeing a package from you.

Polyethylene is a cost-effective material our padded envelopes are made of. Therefore, poly bags are cheaper than boxes, but they don’t lose ground when it comes to protection properties. Moreover, poly bubble mailers are an effective way to get the cheapest shipping rates. If you can save your money, why not do it?

Poly Bubble Mailers

3. Stay Stylish With Metallic Bubble Mailers

Brands are striving to be recognizable and markable in any situation. If you need to brighten your shipping process, add some glamor to it, or just look stylish, our metallic bubble mailers will be the best bet for you. Padded envelopes are good when you’re searching for a luxury feel as they’re shiny. What’s the point? Keep in mind that marketers have proved that sparkle stuff is more appealing to us than matte items, for example.

Choose the style you want: heavy and daring or glamor and glossy. Shiny bubble wraps will intrigue your customers and increase their desire to open the package!

Metallic Bubble Mailers

4. Gusseted Expandable Envelopes With Bubble Lining

A gusset is a feature making our bubble expandable envelopes stand out from the crowd of ordinary mailers. Just look at the advantages of gusseted poly mailers and make sure that they’re an excellent solution for ecommerce:

  • gusseted mailers always stay in a stable position. Even if they’re filled;
  • the gusseted bottom makes our plastic bags spacious. They fit any item shape. There will be no flabbiness or neat appearance;
  • our expandable envelopes are lightweight. Extra weight? Extra pay? No!

Gusseted poly bags are a convenient choice when it comes to shipping products in a weird shape as packages will save their form in any situation.

Expandable Bubble Mailers

5. Keep Food Fresh in Thermal Insulated Mailers

Chocolate or meat, sweets or fish — we ship different foods. Despite the wide range of products we move, we’re united with one problem — the absence of wholesale packaging materials we can put our products in.

But breathe out: this problem can be solved in a few clicks. Just order our insulated bubble mailers, and your fruits, vegetables, chilled meat, seafood, or medical supplies will always be fresh. That’s all because the foil layer creates a barrier that protects your products from light and high temperatures, reducing vapor condensation. As a result, light- and temperature-sensitive products are delivered in pristine condition to their consumers.

Thermal Insulated Mailers


One bubble mailer is a million possibilities. Do you want to go green or just want to find a spacious bubble envelope no matter as we offer all styles of bubble shipping envelopes you can imagine. Different types and styles of shipping supplies (bulk) — choose the mailer your business needs. We’re glad to provide you with wholesale packaging and help you pick up the bubble mailer that’ll solve your e-commerce problems. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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