Shipping Labels

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are an essential part of e-commerce logistics.

Shipping labels display the key information for a carrier to transport a package from their start destination (your warehouse) to its end destination (the customer’s hands).

A shipping label displays the information to direct packages to the correct destinations, track them throughout each stage, and ensure the correct service is provided.

There are different types of shipping labels.

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Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels offer high-quality barcode printing for numerous applications. Unlike thermal transfer printing, direct thermal printing does not require a thermal ribbon. Instead, the process uses heat to start a chemical reaction within the label itself. This reaction creates the printed image.

Benefits of Use Direct Thermal Labels
  • Doesn’t require a ribbon
  • Perfect for short term usage
  • Works in Industrial, Desktop, and Mobile Printers
  • Great for shipping labels
Limitations of Use Direct Thermal Labels
  • Will fade overtime
  • Only prints in black and white
  • Can scuff and smudge
Direct Thermal Labels

How Does Direct Thermal Work?

Unlike other types of labels, direct thermal printing does not require ink, toner, or a thermal ribbon. The only media that passes through the printer is the label paper itself. The heat of the print head, combined with the chemical composition of the thermal paper results in a chemical reaction that produces the desired image.

Overall, direct thermal printing is great for most barcode and identification needs. However, direct thermal prints do degrade over time, especially with exposure to light, heat, or reactive chemicals. In cases that require archival-quality, permanent identification, direct thermal printing is the best choice.

However, for barcodes that must remain readable for 6 months or less, direct thermal printing offers an ideal choice as far as efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Types of Direct Thermal Labels Available

We have a wide variety of roll and fanfold style direct thermal labels to choose from. Always in stock: industrial (3″ core), desktop (1″ core), mobile printer (0.75″ core), and fanfold labels.

We offer both paper and polypropylene labels.

Direct Thermal Labels available not only in white, but also other colors:
White Blue Yellow Green Orange

Additionally, for those companies with print & apply label applicators, we have non-perforated labels available for sale. These non-perforated labels are available in standard size rolls and jumbo (12” outside diameter) rolls.

In addition we also offer our direct thermal labels in several different types of adhesive. For your standard, ambient temperature applications, our all-temp adhesive is suitable. If your environment goes below freezing, we would highly recommend purchasing our freezer grade direct thermal labels.

Thermal transfer labels are the perfect solution for companies printing large volumes of shipping and barcoding labels. These labels are more durable than the direct thermal alternative as they require a ribbon to print. Consequently, they are less likely to scratch, scuff, or fade. If you need the print on your labels to last more than 6 months, thermal transfer labels are the perfect solution.

Benefits of Use Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Doesn’t fade over time
  • More heat resistant
  • Longer shelf life
  • Higher quality scans
  • Perfect for shipping, barcoding, inventory tracking, asset identification and more
Thermal Transfer Labels

How Thermal Transfer Labels Work?

Thermal transfer labels offer world-class barcode printing for most applications. In thermal transfer printing, a hot print head melts a wax ribbon onto the blank printing label. The result is a rugged, permanent print that can take a beating. The wax ribbons print a strong, high-contrast black. Without this ribbon, you cannot print on thermal transfer labels.

Thermal transfer printing is highly cost-effective. The materials are cheap, and the printer itself is a fairly simple machine. Thermal transfer printing produces images with extremely tight tolerances. That results in instant barcode reads and very few errors.

Types of Thermal Transfer Labels Available

We stock a wide variety of roll and fanfold style thermal transfer labels.
3″ Core 1″ Core Fanfold

We offer both paper and polypropylene labels.

We also stock a lot of different colors:
White Blue Brown Yellow Red Green Pink Orange Purple Chartreuse Grape

Additionally, for those companies with print & apply label applicators, we have non-perforated labels available for sale. These non-perforated labels are available in standard size rolls and jumbo (12” outside diameter) rolls.

On top of the wide variety of thermal transfer labels available, we also have different types of adhesive for our customers to choose from. We offer all-temperature and freezer grade adhesives.

Our A4 laser sheet labels are suitable for use with almost any A4 laser printer to provide an easy and cost-effective way to print your own information onto your own labels.

Our laser labels are available in a variety of sizes for inkjet printers in sheets formats. Bulk packs are also available for larger orders with great pricing.

Laser Sheet Labels

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