Tumbling-E Chart 20 ft. Distance. Visual Acuity Testing. E’s Eye Examination Chart


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  • Tumbling-E Chart 20 ft. distance

    Ophthalmological chart used to measure a patient’s visual acuity contains a series of letter E’s. White translucent plastic chart features non-glare black letter E’s. Packaged: 1 each.


    Made from thick plastic to prevent creases and tears, with matte finish to limit reflections and glare. These letter E’s are rotated at 90 degrees requiring the individual taking the test to properly identify the direction of each version of the E’s “fingers” using their hands to point up, down, right or left. This tumbling-e chart only measures a person’s visual acuity and cannot be used to determine other vision issues such as color blindness, depth perception or disorders.


    The tumbling E eye chart is typically used to test individuals who are unable to properly communicate. While looking at the letter on a chart or projection, the person states whether the E is facing up, down, left, or right. With this chart, there is a one in four chance a person can guess the direction, therefore it is recommended they correctly indicate the orientation of most letters of the same size (e.g. five out of six).


    The Tumbling E vision chart is great for use with patients who do not know their alphabet, people who are illiterate or perhaps individuals who suffer from a handicap. These patients simply have to gesture the direction they see the optotype since there is only one. This optotype is place in four different directions; up, down, left, and right. The Tumbling-E chart is considered highly reliable and accurate.

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