About Us

AMZ Supply® is a family-owned company located in the Chicagoland area, Illinois. Our company was founded in 2017 and has never stopped its growth since then.

We work with all main online marketplaces and support both wholesale and retail niches with a concentration on building a lasting wholesale partnership.

Our company has met the needs of thousands of professionals in the medical, dental, packaging, healthcare, laboratory, safety, office supplies, food service, and industry. We are always open to opportunities and welcome challenges.

AMZ Supply® can accept custom orders for office and packaging supplies and has the ability to work with Preorders, and deliver products from around the world.

OUR MISSION is to provide our customers with the best quality to price ratio possible, superior products, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service.

OUR VALUES are: OVER 5000 SKU’s, a great team of professionals, private labeling.

Check Out Our Brands!

AMZ Supply® brands are designed to save you time and money through quality products and excellent service.

No one can imagine today’s life without such essentials as shipping and packaging supplies. Our store can offer complete collection of shipping and packing supplies at reasonable prices including different kinds of thermal labels, tapes, films, ties, envelopes, multi-functional mailers and shipping bags, kraft paper shopping bags, bubble out bags, food wrapping and storage bags.

Both in industrial workplace and personal household, safety can’t be an afterthought. You need safety products that will keep your employees, your equipment, your family and your business safe, even in the face of hazards. ABC Pack & Supply® carries a huge selection of safety products to help you construct an effective safety program. You’ll find everything from personal protective equipment to First Aid Supplies to keep operations/household running smoothly without putting people you care at risk of injury or illness.

APQ® specializes in poly merchandise packaging and offers huge variety of plastic bags and poly tubing on rolls. Any possible bags you can imagine could be found in our store starting from gusseted poly bags, zip lock bags, drawstring bags  to vacuum food bags, tabaco and shopping bags. Also we are proud to offer oversized rigid mailers. You do not have to look further-all packaging needs can be satisfied by us!

The logo conception of AMZ Medical Supply® consists of the brand new world where we are living now. In the rapidly spread developing human environment, we lose the connection with the planet and its “health” situation.

AMZ Medical Supply® is a supplier of medical and personal hygienic disposable “must-haves” for every age and gender – since at 2019.
Hummingbirds associate with fast delivery and relationship to the Earth planet and their ecological sustainability. Because this little tiny bird has a unique strength temperament with a strong will of living, its heart allocates more than half of its body. Moreover, a hummingbird’s heartbeat rate is more than 500-1000 per second. Her wingspan consists of 8-10 times per second. That’s why hummingbirds need to make strong efforts to survive in this cruel world.

Meanwhile, humanity was always excited and charmed by the absolute beauty and their fortitude. By the way, many New World plants are pollinated exclusively by them.

That’s why we chose this genius bird for our logo for AMZ Medical Supply®.

Our logo presents itself: a hummingbird with a heart of nectarine flowers leaves as health symbols and the name of the medical branch of the AMZ brand.

When you see our logo, remember how unrepeatable the world we live together and how our planet and amazing creatures and people need our love and care.

EZgoodZ® carries a huge selection of safety products to help you construct an effective safety program. You’ll find everything from personal protective equipment to First Aid Supplies to keep operations/household running smoothly without putting people you care at risk of injury or illness. EZgoodZ® shipping products including Kraft Bubble Mailers, a variety of Poly Bubble Mailers, Flat Poly Mailers, Clear Bubble (Bubbleout) Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Thermal Bubble Mailers, Coveralls, Safety Vests, Shoe Covers, Gloves, Hairnets, Safety Vests, Disposable Underpads, and More.

Purevacy® Brand’s Name means amalgamation of the words of purity and privacy.

Products are made of the purest high-quality materials, which creates the uppermost level of privacy and improves the essence of service.
That’s why we wanted to tell you a story about company’s logo.

The diversity of different forms and colors speaks about how all of us are unique, distinctive. Anyway, we are united and straightforward by all humankind’s aims, goals, and dreams – wishing only the one pure thing – simple human happiness.

Look at the forms and remember the one mere truth: the genuine beauty of all existing natural things in the World, where we live, consists of simplicity.

Like water and sun, like sunrises and sunsets, like trees and leaves, all things in the World are made from simple things and atoms. And how different, pure and unique we are. What is below is above; what is above is below – to accomplish the wonders of everything. And so all things have come from the One through the One.

Purevacy – the simplicity of beauty and genuine quality.


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