Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags

Improve your customers’ retail experiences by providing grocery bags for their goods. These carrier bags come in different shapes and sizes.

We produce kraft paper shopping bags, poly merchandise bags, thank you t-shirt bags, that are great for shopping, travel, organization and more.

Here you can find a large selection of merchandise bags that are perfect for carrying all sorts of items.

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What type of shOpping Bags you need?

Important factors to consider include size, thickness, and weight capacity. You should pick a bag that is big enough for the items you wish to carry.

If your goods include heavy items, make sure to get one with thick, tear-resistant walls. Paper bags are usually sufficient for stationary, clothes, and lightweight grocery items. For heavier items, get thick polypropylene shopping bags.

Disposable bags are single-use carriers mostly made of plastic or paper. These usually have thinner walls than reusable bags and are not as durable.

Disposable bags are very common in retail stores and most shops give them free with purchases. While most stores favor plastic options, paper shopping bags are available in many locations.

Reusable bags are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than disposable ones. Their use is becoming more widespread as governments and businesses try to reduce the environmental impact of plastic.

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