Special Use Bags

Special Use Bags

In addition to our standard bag selection, we stock a number of special use bags for particular purposes.

Pharmacy Bags, Biohazard Specimen Bags, Pill Pouches

Preprinted Specimen Bags alerts on the potentially dangerous waste inside the bag and protect health-care personnel from specimen leaks. Our zipper specimen bags conform to specimen handling guidelines for secondary containment. Bio hazard print is easily noticed and meets OSHA specs V.A. infirmaries and other major medicinal institutions.

3 Wall specimen transfer bags incorporate a zipper compartment for lab specimen and a separate attached document pouch. The document pouch compartment prevents the diseased person information from being misplaced or compromised.

2 Wall specimen bags do not have a separate document pouch in the back.

Plastic and paper pill pouches organizer pouches which makes them perfect for travel. Pill Pouches keep pills protected during transport. Disposable storage pouches hold medications safe and contained. The airtight seal and secure lock ensure the vitamins & supplements will not leak, spill out or become contaminated by outside variables.

Bubble Pouches

Bubble-out bags not designed to be used as outer packaging. Tamper-proof bubble-out bags serve as added protection for your products and can be inserted into outer packaging (mailer, box).

Bubble shipping bags are made using a 3/16” bubble height. Has exterior bubbles with a smooth non-abrasive, non-corrosive interior. Secure bubble cushioning bags have high tensile strength and can withstand intense pressure for extra flexibility and protection of valuables during shipment.

Bubble pouch is a lightweight, durable packaging product that offers reliable cushioning protection and lowers shipping costs. Choose from a wide range of sizes to find the most cost-efficient size for shipments.

Suitable for shipping small or loose items and versatile enough to satisfy industrial or consumer needs. These self-seal bubble bags are ideal for computer parts, ornaments, trinkets many other applications. While primarily intended for shipping fragile items, bubble bags are also excellent for protecting household materials.

Pink Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Bags

Anti-Static Bubble Pouches is perfect for shipping, moving, storing, and protecting all electrostatic sensitive devices and fragile/ delicate items such as phones, tablets, and computers, dishes, collectibles, glass. This packing wrap can be used for wrapping prevent scratches during moving / shipping. Safe for protecting electronics and small appliances as well.

Pink Anti-Static material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage to sensitive electronic components during packaging, storing and shipping.

Air tight bubble packing wrap are the perfect size for most types of products. This bubble cushioning wrap bags acts as added protection and cushioning by cradling your products and absorbing any shock, vibration, scratches and dings.

UV & Static Protective Bags

There are major differences between anti-static and static-shielding materials.

Pink Anti-Static Bags

Pink Anti-Static Bags have the ability to dissipate a static charge to ground preventing static charge building up on the package or device within the bags. The material is also antistatic and will not charge up when rubbed against other materials and these bags can be used to safely package/transport your non-ESD sensitive devices within your ESD protected area.

But pink antistatic bags have no shielding ability. A static field or discharge occurring outside the bag could penetrate the bag and damage electronics inside. The material itself will not generate or hold a triboelectric charge, so it won’t be a carrier that introduces static into a static controlled environment. So to summarize, these materials do not protect from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Devices such as semiconductors and microchips, circuit boards, anything which uses or operates by electricity can technically be damaged.

Gray Static Shield Bags

Static Shield Bags are the perfect solution for protecting sensitive electronic products or equipment from electrostatic discharge (ESD) during storage and transit.

The 4-layer construction protects against charges inside and outside the bag. The bags create a metal “Faraday cage” layer that shields products from electric energy inside and prevents static build-up.

The inner layer is a static dissipative polyethylene surrounded by a layer of aluminium shielding. The mid-layer is made of polyester, with an outer layer made of a static dissipative coating.

Unlike anti-static bags, static-shielding bags protect components from static charges both inside and outside of the bag. Sensitive devices like semiconductors and microchips, printed circuit boards, anything that uses or works with electricity can be shipped safely with this type of special use bags.

Amber Bags

Amber poly bags are polyethylene bags that protect their contents from UV (ultraviolet) light because of their amber color. Amber bag is ideal when transporting light-sensitive products, such as medications, electronics and food additives.

They provide reliable protection with their opaque exterior. Colored bags are available as a resealable zipper style bags or an open-ended bag that can be taped shut or heat sealed closed for security.

Amber bags prevent their contents from being degraded or damaged by UV light waves. These reusable bags are specifically designed to not easily rip, tear, wrinkle, fog, split, break, or rupture.

Leakproof Bags

Clear polyethylene fish bags meet USDA so nothing in their chemical makeup will harm living fish. Leak proof bags offer high clarity and make storage and organization easy for all applications. A clear flat open top special use bags for shipping, transporting or displaying at auction.

These sturdy bags can provide protection for temporary storage of all kinds of items. LDPE bags are resistant to impact (do not tear easily), moisture (water proof), and chemicals (can stand up to many hazardous materials).

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