Sterile Single Use Staple Removal Kit /w Tray Staple Remover Gauze Sponge 3″ x 3″


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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in

AMZ Medical Supply


White, Silver


Gauze, Stainless Steel


3" x 3"

Unit Count

1 pcs


  • Staple Removal Kit

    Appropriate and proper kits to use when clearing patients from their surgical experiences such as the removal of staples from skin from a closure procedure. Packaged: 1 pack.


    Sterile Remover Kit is made of stainless steel, that is sterilized for the benefits of the patient by reducing the risk of potential infection. The design of the first aid staple remover is that of pliers, the handles are designed with a wide enough surface to offer the best grip and force when cutting the staples off.


    Sterile staple removal kit is provided in an individually packaged kit that includes all the equipment needed to complete the job. The kit includes one tray, one skin staple remover, and one 3 by 3-inch gauze sponge; this all-encompassing kit reduces administrative time by including a complete line of traditional tools for this procedure.


    To use the remover you simply slide the lower jaw of the staple remover under the staple. Then squeeze the handles until the devices is completely closed. This will bend the center of the staple and cause the ends to pull upward out of the skin.


    The small portable case with staple removal kit can go with you anywhere.

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