576 Pack Sterile Saline Wipes 4″ x 6″ Unscented Eye Wipes in Individual Packet


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AMZ Medical Supply


4" x 6"

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  • DISPOSABLE Sterile Saline Wipes 4″ x 6″

    Each wipe is pre-moistened with saline solution making it an optimal addition among other disposable wipes. Each box comes with 24 individual wipes containing 3cc of sterile saline. Quantity: 576 Count.


    Each prep pad is individually wrapped and sealed to keep it sterile. Gentle, safe cleaning for eye areas. Recommended for professional and hospital use. Sterile saline eye wipes are non-toxic, lint-free and are saturated with isotonic solution of sodium chloride, the chemical compound commonly known as table salt.


    These eye wipes used to soothe and clean areas where skin is particularly sensitive, including such applications like breast care for nursing mothers or cleaning skin areas near the eyes or mucus membranes. Good for post-operative care and dressing changes. Breast care for mothers with nursing infants.


    Right-sized to fully fit your hand to ensure excellent protection and cleansing. Packaged for single use in individual packets which are easy sealed for ease of carry.

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